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    Beitrag  Balue am Fr Dez 31, 2010 8:13 pm

    So this is an unconventional app.

    Because, I'm not applying for LS membership yet, because I know I am far to low.

    I'm only a level ~20 Monk at the moment, with no Subjob, I just bought the game tonight.

    But I've been looking for a Linkshell that actually does content, and I've had no luck.

    Now it seems silly that as a new player who's ~20, would be looking for an end game guild. But I've played around 10 MMO's, and I've been in the top raiding/end game guild in each game that I've played, usually one of the top in the country/world. I'm not saying this because I think I'm all that (Trust me I'm extremely insecure about my gaming abilities, it's almost annoying) But just to let you know I'm serious about MMO's.

    I'm not looking for free stuff, I'm extremely self sufficient. I hate hand outs. I make plenty of money on my own (In WoW for instance I hit gold cap 3 times). I have about 15k gil already and I just started around 3 this afternoon, it's not a ton of money but it doesn't see too difficult to make money in this game. The only help I would ever maybe ask for is unlocking Dancer, because I've been told you basically need a 75+ for that. And I don't know any 75+. But I would try many times to solo it before I asked for any help, rest assured. But I will find my own EXP parties or solo if I can. If you ever want to level synch and level with me it's not like I'd refuse it, but I would never ask for you to do that.

    I'm planning on being a Dancer/Monk or a Dancer/Samurai. For the increase Hand to hand attack with monk, or the TP storing with Samurai. I'll go with monk at first since I can level monk now until I can unlock dancer, but after I get Dancer to the appropriate level I'll probably level Samurai next.

    I'm going to get all my Merits on my Dancer, though, honestly, I'm not quite sure I understand how those work exactly and I can't find a very good description other than once you hit 75 you unlock them, and they go on every job I guess. I guess I'll probably be at a disadvantage since I won't have merits from other jobs, but I hope you'll be willing to overlook that.

    I play games way too much and I level constantly. I'm literally on 16-18 hours a day atm, though once school starts back up, on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8 AM till 10 PM Tuesday and 8 AM till 6 PM Thursday, I'll be at school. But I have like 2-3 hours of breaks through out the day so I'm not going to not be on at all.

    I don't know how bad leveling is in this game, but if you average 60 exp a kill, to get to level 75 it takes 14100 kills (which is an easy easy prey monster) and that's not counting all the field manuals, so i figure at least to 75 it isn't too bad. If it follows the same pattern of 2k more exp per level till 90, it won't be that bad. I don't honestly know how long I'll be able to solo though, or if Dancers are a very good solo class. They seem like a decent class since they can heal infinitely since it's based on TP rather than MP, and if I buy haste gear it seems like I'd be able to kill pretty fast, but I don't know.

    I'm not looking for an invite to this linkshell now, though I wouldn't refuse one :b. I mostly just wanted to see if you would consider me for when I get to a more appropriate level.

    My name in game is Bahlue. If you wanna add me to friends to wait until I'm a higher level and more useful that'd be okay.

    Sorry for this really long app, I would have preferred to PM this to you but I didn't see a PM option, but maybe I missed it.

    Anyway, thanks.

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    Beitrag  Herby am So Jan 02, 2011 2:32 am


    This is truly an unusual application.

    I'm not sure how to put this, but from what you wrote you seem like a superhardcore MMO gamer and because of that I'm not entirely sure if our small linkshell is the right thing for you. Atm we're doing 2 official runs a week and some casual low man runs between them. I am one of the main leaders of this Linkshell and I can't even be online everyday. I think you should search for a linkshell that fits your needs better. Don't get me wrong actually we're happy for every Member we can get, but i don't thik you'll be very happy in this linkshel if you're online like 16-18hours a day.

    Still I wish you the very best of luck and much fun with the game, maybe if you think it doesn't matter at all, we can talk again when you're a highlvl.

    P.S.:One advice though: consider the Ninja Subjob for survivability.

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