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Dezember 2018


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    Read this first! (Rules included)



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    Read this first! (Rules included)

    Beitrag  Herby am Sa Okt 09, 2010 8:01 am

    These are the general Rules for the Fluffy Linkshell on Odin.

    They might be altered or some things may be added by leaders in the future if necessary.

    The Fluffy ls wants to focus on Abyssea areas but we're also considering adding other events as Walk of Echoes into our schedule in the future.

    Linkshell leaders as of now are:


    How to become a Member: Fill out the Application template and wait if Leaders accept you Wink

    Your "Duties" as a Member of Fluffy: Help out fellow linkshell members if you have the time, try to show up regularly to official ls runs and have fun Wink
    [This does not mean that you can't enter Abyssea without our permission just keep in mind to keep enough stones/time for the official runs]

    At start we're doing 2 official runs a week (which may change if it's possible)

    Run times: Mondays and Fridays 6GMT p.m./10PST a.m. OPEN END

    Drop distribution:
    AF3 feet/ +1upgrade seals / +2 upgrade items -- Priority System
    Every Member is allowed to set 2 Job Priorities (he can change them every 8 weeks). Those who have the specific priorities are allowed to lot on AF3 feet drops, and upgrade items. Prerequisite to set Priority is to have that specific Job @ 80+.

    Trial item Drops: You're allowed to lot on the Items for Magian Trials if you're on the Trial which need those items.

    Freelot: Only if the leaders announce a freelot you'll be able to lot freely!

    Our goals in Abyssea:

    -- Getting Atmas from NMs
    -- Getting those Abysssites of ....
    -- Getting Equipment from NMs
    -- Getting AF3 and AF3 upgrade items for our members
    -- Having fun, so please don't argue with each othe

    From now on each new Member will have a Trial Membership for 1 Month after that he'll get Full Membership, if he isn't making trouble.

      Aktuelles Datum und Uhrzeit: So Dez 16, 2018 10:38 am